Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gristle Tattoo...

...so a few months back I was asked if I wanted to be part of this group show at this tattoo spot and I was a little reluctant. Not that I'm bourgeois or anything, but my art work in a tattoo parlor? How's that gonna work? My concerns were eased when they told me it was also an art gallery and that my work would fit their June show. Lo and behold I was asked to show two pieces. Since I had some work already done I was ready for the show, plus it was hard to paint with pins in my feet at the time. The funny thing is, I'm showing three pieces. What? Three? Yeah you read me, Three. You may ask, "How Shabazz?" I'll tell you how. I was thinking since it was a tattoo spot by day and gallery at night why don't I paint a piece that actually has tattoos?!! So the piece I did was kinda big, but I loved it so much (coulda been the Vicodin I was on) I was willing to sacrifice the two pieces that were chosen to be hung to have my latest and greatest hang in their place. I send an email to the curator asking if this could be done and they replied saying the piece was awesome and I could add it! So art fans, if you're not doing anything June 28th 7-10pm stop by and see what I'm capable of with paint and Vicodin :)

Gristle Tattoo + Art Gallery
178 N 8th Street Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone1 (347) 889-6422

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