Saturday, May 16, 2009

RE:ACTIONS / Controlled Chaos Theory

"I believe visual order can be accomplished through sporadic, spontaneous acts. May it be by an accumulation of winds at various speeds to create a tornado, or the inside of a watch with it’s gears, and springs dedicated to form the intangible sense of faith we call “time”. Injuring my right arm in Baghdad caused me to discover a style I’ve coined as “controlled chaos”. Not being able to illustrate as well during my rehabilitation, I was forced to scribble a mass of lines on paper until they formed into the image I wanted. By doing this not only was the image visually acceptable, but also the beauty of the line was displayed. Line weight, positive & negative space, light & dark lines all thrown on a page to create the art of control, and discipline through my rebellious acts of chaos.

Here's the link to my interview: 

Shabazz Creates Art Through Pain

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