Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Religious Tattoos" (show)

                       ... Bishop T.D. Jakes owns this piece!


…religious tattoos are like oxymorons: figures of speech that combine two normally contradictory terms. In many religions “body art” is prohibited, but in a way religion is its own tattoo. Whether it be a visual or a mental tattoo, Religions were designed to be permanent. Our bodies are seen as temples in some religions and must be without blemish for our religion to inhabit and be at peace. To me, the act of going through any pain for something or someone is the equivalent of dedicating yourself to a religion. How can so many religions shun body art when it displays many of the traits you must possess to be part of a religion. For example; you must believe or have faith in what you’re displaying to the world, you must also show commitment to this act, whether it be a tattoo or a religion. Perseverance is needed through the pain of a tattoo or pain of persecution and both promise satisfaction and or peace when completed. Not saying getting a cartoon character tattooed on your body equates as a religious experience. I’m just trying to open viewers eyes to the possibilities of two “opposites” finding a common ground through art. Welcome to my interpretation where oil mixes with water.       



  1. Love this but I just have one question,the woman with the you consider the bindi as a "religious tattoo" or body art?

  2. ...for this piece it's more body art. I was trying to get the viewer to see that the body is a temple for the Buddah while the lotus flower was a reference to the religion along with Georgia O' Keefe tendencies...Oh, by the way, the piece is called: Enlightments Temple

  3. What do you have a tattoo of?