Sunday, January 1, 2012

Seppuku: the bailout suicides

I know I'm late with these images, but let's just say I've had one busy year! This work is from my Seppuku Series called: Seppuku: the bailout suicides. Basically each woman represents a company (like AIG) that took money from the gov. only to use that money to give their CEO's bonuses. I feel the only way for them to redeem themselves to the American people is to commit seppuku, Japanese ritual suicides by the stabbing of ones self or disembowelment while being beheaded in simultaneous movement. Yes, it is gorey but it's a political statement that must be said and documented through visual history. Also, the Kanji written on each piece says which of the codes of Bushido (the seven principles of Samurai) that each company has broken. Enjoy

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