Tuesday, February 28, 2012



...last night was exactly how I imagined when sitting alone at lunch time in my art class in high school. I would constantly have daydreams of someday being good enough to finally present my work in an environment I thought I had no place being. I'd practice until the hours when night met day repeating, "Just one more year, and I'll be ready." I mean, I was taught about the "greats" and how they came about (usually through some kind of pain/trauma) and just until a few years ago I had trouble relating (due to not being honest with myself). Lies are worse lived than told. Last night though (exhales), I felt at home...like this really has been in the making since high school. Heh, for some reason Drakes song "Practice" played over and over in my head last night as I drank gin and juices amongst friends and guests explaining how my work came to be. I think everything in my life before NY was just practice. No offense to the great people I've met in the past (and for the not so great people...I'll save those words for an interview when I'm famous lol) it's just, I've always imagined myself here, and now it's time to show what practice has created.

My next show is on:
March 31st
7:00pm - close
Studio 580
580 8th Ave & 38th st.
NY, NY 10018



  1. Love it!! I'm so proud of you! Don't forget the little people okay?

  2. It's on son! Time to knock em out the box!