Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thorns and Roses: Pleasure is Pain Series

Musiq Soulchild sang it best in, "Who Knows"...
"Now ain't no need to be afraid
Cause I'll be as gentle as it takes
To provide you with the right amount of
Pleasure and pain and I'll
Make sure that you feel alright
Even if it takes me all night
Cause the joy is all mine
When I know your satisfied
So lets keep giving all we got
and who knows..."

I've dated roses, and from afar their beauty is unmatched, but they're also guarded with "thorns". I admit, I'm pricked every time. I welcome this, as it reminds me of the importance of what ensues. I openly accept the pleasure with the pain, teaching me to respect and maintain a balance of vulnerability and courage. The risk is always worth it when our lips touch, its like swimming. To me, a kiss is an attempt at the impossible... the theoretical mechanisms of perpetual motion. It is stopped by the external friction of coming up for mere moments of air, entwined with a want/need to keep moving, as if floating, hovering over disbelievers that have sunk to the bottom as you "fly" above not fighting, but melding with the strong current of love as the doubters below have drowned giving up on any act of rescue or recovering from the continuous crashing of the waves of rejection. In my three piece series I'm simply trying to interpret that if pleasure wasn't worth the risk of pain we wouldn't even bother. It's the balance of two irrational emotions that equal out to a rational answer, but if one doesn't even attempt the equation, you'll always be the one asking, "who knows?".


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