Saturday, March 31, 2012

"From Ashes..."

"Art never comes from happiness." Chuck Palahniuk

In my nightmares I race, like a mad man, toward my former self ...desperately trying to beat the clock in order to save him from the moment that turned him into me. I'm so close, but I never make it. I arrive only to look at this boy, and what I can tell from the bruises, a boy that held on for as long as he could (because who would continue torturing something that was already dead?)...but, as always, I was too late and here I am in a similar body starting from scratch to piece together what I once was. It's kinda hard to do so when innocence and hope aren't in the makeup of the foundation anymore. I sometimes see his battered face when I look in the mirror. Sometimes my lips are moving, but it's his voice saying, "This isn't about getting better, no need in looking for closure." With those words as my foundation I've created me. Someone that knows pain. Someone that has risen from the ashes to salvage what didn't burn. "you're capable of anything when you've lost everything". "From Ashes..." will be a series of becoming more than what one once was by minimizing the limits that held them back in the first place.


More work will be posted from this series momentarily.

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